This library provides the Amazing speed...

Key Words:
fractional law, fractional model ,fractional derivative, fractional differential and integral, fractional differential equation,
numerical computation, numerical integration method, high speed computation method

Business Outline

Solution Business

1. Analysis

Contract Analysis

Support for MBD input data generation

2. Software Product

Original Development of Program

Contract Development of Program

Sales of ME’scopeVES

Sales of Library of High Speed Computation of Fractional Order Differentiation and Integration

3. Joint Research (Examples)

・Spinning Top
・RotB : Bending vibration of
 rotor machinery
・Shaking Table

Technical Consultation

Sound and Vibration


Earthquake Resistance


Vibration Suppression

Vibration Control

MBD (multibody dynamics)

Training for CAE engineers

(1) Seminar

1. MBD Seminar

2. Vibration Seminar

3. FMBD (flexible MBD) Seminar

4. FD (fractional derivative)

(2) Onsite Seminar

(3) Seminar for practical use of MBD

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