Representative Director : Nobuyuki Shimizu


Greeting from the President

Representative Director: Shimizu Nobuyuki (Engineering Dr. and former professor of 27 years at Iwaki Meisei University)


The circumstances of establishment

We established “MotionLabo Inc.” to offer solutions to practical problems of mechanisms and motion by using Multibody Dynamics Technology (Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis for Vibration, Motion, and Control) for which we have had much achievement, and also to offer improvement of design methodologies.


Introduction of company

Business of “MotionLabo Inc.” is mainly in the field of analysis of motion, vibration, control, design support, contract work on development, development and sales of software, publication, and seminars.

Our fundamental studies and technologies are multibody dynamics, vibration engineering, vibration reduction, vibration control, earthquake-resistance engineering, control engineering etc.


Publications by the publishing company “CORONA´╝ŹSHA”.

There are relatively few Japanese books on “ Multibody Dynamics”. Our representative director, Dr. Shimizu published, as the main author, two books:

“Multibody Dynamics (1)” – Basic Theory – in April 2006.

“Multibody Dynamics (2)”´╝ŹNumerical Analysis in practice – in September 2007.

We would be very pleased if these books prove to be helpful for you.


MotionLabo going forward

Using general software for multibody dynamics analysis and that for structural and vibrational analysis, and familiar software such as Matlab etc., we hope to make progress in our businesses in our three main areas:

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS on design and computer aided analysis for structures and motions

THECHNOLOGY CONSULTATION in motion, vibration, vibration reduction, earthquake-resistance

TRAINING such as Seminar and Training Course.

Our aim is to continue our high quality work and to be loved and trusted company.

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