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MotionLabo offers solutions by using multibody dynamics technologies to evaluate dynamic behavior of machines to verify the appropriateness of the machine's design.


(1) Contract analysis

・Seismic Response Analysis of structures
・Analysis of Cross-talk of multi-axes shaking tables with electrical systems

(2) Model data generation support for general purpose MBD software

MotionLabo offers support by making effective dynamical models for general purpose MBD and vibration software to save manpower and to improve work quality.

・Data generation for analysis models (including RecurDyn, MATLAB and others) ・Support for generating effective data for general purpose MBD software

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(1) Programs available for sale

・RotB - Linear and non-linear bending vibration analysis for rotating machines
・RotT - Linear and non-linear torsional vibration analysis for rotating machines

(2) Contract Program development

・(custom designed) Excel / VBA programs
・(custom designed) MATLAB programs

(3) ME 'scope VES

We offer a data processing tool [ME 'scope VES] for static and dynamic testing of machines and structures.

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Partnership: System Plus Inc.

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(4) Library of High Speed Computation ofFractional Order Differentiation and Integration

The libraries provided here include the programs that execute numerical calculations of fractional order differentiation and integration.

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MotionLabo offers several kinds of joint research projects with firms, research institutions and universities.

Joint research on multibody dynamics (MBD):

(Past examples)
・Modeling, formulation and program development of flexible multibody dynamics such as cables and strings

・Evaluation of unbalanced forces during vibration due to weight reduction of machines

・Reduction of "Cross-Talk" of a shaking table enhanced by upper structures on the table (paper : ACMD 2010)

・Analysis study on preventing derailment of high speed trains (paper : J-Rail 2012 in Japanese)

Joint Research on Fractional Differentiation and its applications:

(Past examples)
・Construction of constitutive equations for Viscoelastic materials

・Modeling by means of fractional derivatives for non-liner viscoelastic materials

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