Training for CAE engineers



(1)  Seminar

Seminar for CAE engineers

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(1)  On-site seminar (Practical use of CAE software)


We offer seminars based on customers’ requests.


CAE software is used in engineering and designing sections of enterprises for analysis and design. The software should be effectively and highly used in the sections by knowing the concepts through basic theory, advanced theory, algorithms, and real world examples of practical problems. Our seminars offer the knowledge and knowhow to meet your needs.


Past examples;


       ‐How to use general purpose software “RecurDyn” to solve practical problems


       ‐Dynamics for media transportation

       ‐Dynamics for flexible bodies like cables and strings

       ‐Dynamics for vibration generation apparatus like shaking tables etc.

       ‐Numerical time integration methods used in general purpose MBD software

       ‐Causes of and countermeasures for instability in the dynamic analysis of

structures occurring in numerical solution processes.


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